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Jam / Speed Skates

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Labeda Voodoo U-7 White

Yes it's leather, yes the sole is stitched, and yes the sole is leather. The most affordable leather, stitched sole skate on the market!
199,00 ₽

Pacer 429 Pro Roller Skate

Pacer's given an old favorite a brand new look and a more attractive price.
112,00 ₽ 87,97 ₽

Pacer ATA 600

Pacer makes a statement with their all new ATA-600 skates!
99,00 ₽

Pacer ATA 600 - Purple

Pacer makes a statement with their all new ATA-600 skates!
99,00 ₽

Pacer GTX-500 (P-217) Roller Skate

Finally an entry-level speed skate, that's available in white too. This new model from Pacer will help get you rollin'!
67,00 ₽ 59,00 ₽

Pacer Raven 800 (P-260)

Finally, an affordable skate that features a leather boot.
99,00 ₽ 83,97 ₽

Pacer Tarmac F-400

Pacer gets a little more serious with the F-400!
115,00 ₽ 109,00 ₽

Pacer Vapor 7 (P-220)

This all new Pacer skate is perfect for all the young rink rats.
84,00 ₽ 72,97 ₽

Riedell Desolation Roll

The Desolation Roll from Riedell is definitely as viscious as it sounds.
935,00 ₽ 699,00 ₽

Riedell Monster Complete Jam Skate

THE Skates for any Derby Girl skating on coated rink floors who loves aluminum wheels & plates.
649,00 ₽

Riedell's The Bomber

Strap them on and hit the track, whether it be flat or banked.
947,00 ₽ 845,97 ₽

Riedell's The Rounder

Zoom round and round in the Rounder!
299,00 ₽ 225,97 ₽

Rock Black with Solid Flames

Rock now offers their popular Flame package in black with solid pink, blue, green, or red flames.
159,00 ₽ 149,00 ₽

Rock Flame

The Rock Flame is available in Tri-Color or Ghost(gray).
144,00 ₽ 125,00 ₽

Rock GT-50

One of the best-selling available today. Now comes in white.
175,00 ₽ 109,00 ₽

Rock GT50 Plus Light Skate

The GT-50 skate package features a synthetic leather boot, ROCK plate, GT-50 swirl wheels, ABEC -5 bearings, and a Carrera speed toe stop. LED sole!!!!
149,00 ₽

Rock Pink Flame

A percentage of every sale of this all-pink skate is donated to the American Breast Cancer Foundation.
144,00 ₽ 125,00 ₽

Rock White Flame

Rock now offers their popular Flame package in white with pink or blue flames.
144,00 ₽ 125,00 ₽

Rock Yellow Flame

You'll never lose these skates in a crowd. An all-new color from Rock.
144,00 ₽ 125,00 ₽

Sure- Grip The Page

This skate is sweet to look at, but it's got a hint of danger. A nice mix of naughty, but nice.
542,00 ₽ 495,97 ₽

Sure-Grip Boxer

Sure-Grip's Boxer will have you floatin' like a butterfly.
131,00 ₽ 112,89 ₽