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Jam / Speed Skates

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Vanilla Curve 2.0 Sunlite Remix Lite

Popular Vanilla Curve!
399,00 ₽ 359,00 ₽

Vanilla Curve 2.0 Sunlite Remix Lite

Vanilla Curve Boot with RC Sunlite Plate, Backspin Remix Lite Wheels, QUBE 8-Ball Bearings, and ROCK Jam Plugs.
389,00 ₽ 349,00 ₽

Vanilla Curve 2.0 XK4 D-Rod

Vanilla Curve Boot with XK-4 Plate, D-Rod Wheels, and China Bones Bearings.
469,00 ₽ 422,00 ₽

Vanilla Diamond Walker Advantage Shaman Complete Skate Package

Customize your own look with the Diamond Walker PRO Model Boot! This picture is for your reference only. Your customized item may look different than above picture. Ships FREE!
849,00 ₽ 699,00 ₽

Vanilla Diamond Walker PowerTrac Remix

Red Diamond Walker Boot with Backspin Remix Aluminum Hub Wheels!
749,00 ₽ 649,00 ₽

Vanilla Diamond Walker PowerTrac Tiffany

In this package, you pick the Diamond Walker boot of your choice!
699,00 ₽ 630,00 ₽

Vanilla Diamond Walker Pro Package

Mr. Walker now has his own Pro Model shoe, so we wanted to show it off with some class. Ships FREE!
815,00 ₽ 639,97 ₽

Vanilla Diamond Walker Proline Deluxe Skate

Vanilla Diamond Walker Style Skate Boot, Labeda Proline Plates, Backspin Deluxe Wheels, and QUBE Swiss Bearings!
899,00 ₽ 809,00 ₽

Vanilla Diamond Walker Sunlite Backspin Remix Lite

Red Diamond Walker Boot with Backspin Remix Lite Wheels!
439,00 ₽ 369,00 ₽

Vanilla FlavorSpot Boots

These skates are hand-made using the finest Italian, top grain, hand sorted leather providing the most comfortable and durable skating experience available today. This is the best of the best.
349,00 ₽

Vanilla Freestyle Proline Power

Vanilla setup with Labeda plate and Sure-Grip wheels.
899,00 ₽ 799,00 ₽

Vanilla Junior 2.0 Skate Package Pink & White

Vanilla Junior 2.0 Skate Package Pink & White.
229,00 ₽ 199,00 ₽

Vanilla Junior Caution Tapes -Limited Edition-

229,00 ₽ 199,00 ₽

Vanilla Knuckle-Up

This Derby skate's a combination of SE Skate, Vanilla, Riedell, Atom, and RollerBones. That's quite a team!
599,00 ₽ 445,97 ₽

Vanilla Shake

This one's different. Featuring the all-new Vanilla Curve boot.
559,00 ₽ 455,97 ₽

Vanilla Straight Jacket Avenger Deluxe

The Vanilla Straight Jacket Avenger Deluxe Package. This is a awesome derby skate with a affordable price tag!
549,00 ₽ 499,00 ₽

Vanilla Tiffany Junior - Discontinued

Vanilla Tiffany Junior Skates are no longer available. Please view details for another Vanilla Junior skate we have suggested instead that is available for a limited time only.
275,00 ₽ 199,00 ₽