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Roller Skates

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Vanilla Diamond Walker Pro Package in RED

Vanilla Mr. Walker now has his own Pro Model shoe, so we wanted to show it off with some class in his all-new color, Red. Ships FREE!
ˆ815.00 ˆ639.97

Vanilla Diamond Walker PRO Skates

Vanilla Diamond Walker PRO Skates - GO PRO!
ˆ449.00 ˆ399.00

Vanilla Diamond Walker Proline Deluxe Skate

Vanilla Diamond Walker Style Skate Boot, Labeda Proline Plates, Backspin Deluxe Wheels, and QUBE Swiss Bearings!
ˆ899.00 ˆ809.00

Vanilla Diamond Walker Rock Super Fly

Diamond Walker Black or Red boot with Cosmic SuperFly Wheels!

Vanilla Diamond Walker Sunlite Backspin Remix Lite

Red Diamond Walker Boot with Backspin Remix Lite Wheels!
ˆ439.00 ˆ369.00

Vanilla Diamond Walker Sunlite Tiffany Skates

Vanilla Diamond Walker PRO Model Boot with RC Sunlite Plates and Backspin Tiffany Diamond Wheels to match! Ships FREE!
ˆ439.00 ˆ395.00

Vanilla Flash

This skate is for those who have made a commitment to the sport.
ˆ389.00 ˆ300.00

Vanilla FlavorSpot Boots

These skates are hand-made using the finest Italian, top grain, hand sorted leather providing the most comfortable and durable skating experience available today. This is the best of the best.

Vanilla Freestyle Proline Power

Vanilla setup with Labeda plate and Sure-Grip wheels.
ˆ899.00 ˆ799.00

Vanilla Green Machine Speed Inline Skate

Full carbon fiber, heat moldable boot. 3×110mm/1x100mm 12.9 inch, 7000 series aluminum, lightweight frame. ABEC9 Vanilla race bearings, and 3x110mm/1x100mm Vanilla Y7 speed wheels.

Vanilla Hero Speed Inline Skate

Full carbon fiber, heat moldable boot with anti-hotspot design. 13.2 inch, 7000 series aluminum, lightweight Vanilla Tiger frame, Swiss Vanilla race bearings, and Vanilla Y7 speed wheels. Be a Hero!

Vanilla Junior 2.0 Skate Package Pink & White

Vanilla Junior 2.0 Skate Package Pink & White.
ˆ229.00 ˆ199.00

Vanilla Junior Caution Tapes -Limited Edition-

ˆ229.00 ˆ199.00

Vanilla Junior Latte Skates

The #1 skate manufacturer has done it again! Vanilla is proud to introduce the Vanilla Junior Latte Skates, featuring lifetime warranty plates and wheels.
ˆ275.00 ˆ149.00

Vanilla Junior Zona Rosa Skates

The most attractive jam skate on the market!
ˆ275.00 ˆ199.00

Vanilla Knuckle-Up

This Derby skate's a combination of SE Skate, Vanilla, Riedell, Atom, and RollerBones. That's quite a team!
ˆ599.00 ˆ445.97

Vanilla Loco Verde Speed Inline Skates

Vanilla's all new Loco Verde Inline Speed Skate is heat moldable and made of carbon with microfiber lining. Lightweight and crazy fast!

Vanilla Renegade 2.0 Complete Skate

Featuring the all new 7000 series aluminum Vanilla trucks, Backspin BeastMode wheels, hand poured premium urethane cushions, and Vanilla ABEC 9 race bearings.

Vanilla Renegade Poison

35% off this weekend ONLY! July 14-15, 2012
ˆ279.00 ˆ181.25

Vanilla Renegade Rock Sonic

Custom Vanilla Renegade Rock Sonic package. Choose your own colors!
ˆ329.00 ˆ225.00

Vanilla Renegade Skate

Vanilla Renegade Complete Skate