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Roller Skates

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Brass Knuckle 2.0 Proline Juke Alloy

Pro Approved!
$889.00 $800.00

Brass Knuckle 2.0 Royal Stroker

Pro Approved!
$799.00 $720.00

Brass Knuckles 2.0 Advantage G-Rod

Pro Approved!
$829.00 $750.00

Brass Knuckles 2.0 Sunlite Remix Lite

25% OFF!! Now made with 100% top grain leather.

Bullet (B100) Roller Skate

Chicago's entry level quad speed skate. Black plastic plates, black vinyl boot, and a fixed toe stop.
$58.00 $41.97

Carbon Pro Hockey Skate

A true performance hockey skate from Tour.
$236.00 $190.97

Chicago 1900/1905

This child's skate is for those who want a more traditional look.
$43.00 $35.97

Chicago 400/405 Roller Skates

This is a good entry-level skate for both children and adults!
$69.00 $53.97

Chicago Cruiser (200/205)

This adjustable skate from Chicago grows with you.
$38.00 $35.97

Chicago Sidewalk Skate (100/105)

This skate can be used in the rink or on the sidewalk. It will help a child gain confidence skating on their own skates.
$37.00 $33.95

Clawin' Carrera

We took the Carrera quad speed skate (our most popular) and upgraded the wheels with our Clawz. The wheels come in your choice of nine colors!
$199.00 $165.97

Coyote (I-135)

Adjustable skate for growing kids!
$59.00 $45.95

Dominion Esprit (278)

Traditional skate with a more professional fit.
$115.00 $95.00

Hybrid G900 (I-246)

A true fitness skate that's affordable.
$89.00 $72.95

Hyper Pro 150 Outdoor Hockey Inline Wheel - Single Clear Red Wheel-

Best outdoor hockey wheel made by Hyper.

Hyper Pro 250 Outdoor Hockey Inline Wheel -Single Yellow Wheel-

Best outdoor hockey wheel made by Hyper.

Jackson Vibe Bundle Package

Special Derby Package!!

Jackson Vibe Quad Skate

Jackson Vibe Boot and Plate. Bionic Chrome Bearing ABEC 7. Atom Pulse Outdoor Wheels Boot Color: Black or White. Avaiable in Sizes 1-12

Labeda Accu-Pro - Discontinued

The Labeda Accu Pro has been discontinued and is no longer available. Please view details and see a different skate we suggest instead.
$104.00 $68.97

Labeda Basic Black (Black Magic)

Keep it basic and cool with this solid black quad speed skate.
$275.00 $285.97

Labeda G80 (L-640B) -OUT OF STOCK-

This item is temporarily out of stock. We do suggest the Rock GT-50 instead.
$144.00 $99.97