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Classic Trucks

Replacement trucks for the Sure Grip Classic plate.
60,00 ₽

Labeda Proline Truck with axle

Replacement truck for Labeda Proline plates.
50,00 ₽

Laser Double Action Truck Comp

Laser double action trucks.
100,00 ₽

Nova Trucks

40,00 ₽

Snyder Advantage - Super Deluxe Truck

Snyder Advantage Truck with axle only.
49,00 ₽

Snyder Imperial Truck

Snyder Imperial Truck with Axle Only.
49,00 ₽

Snyder Imperial Truck Assembly Complete

Snyder Imperial Truck complete.
80,00 ₽

Snyder Super Deluxe Truck Assembly Complete

Snyder Super Deluxe Truck complete.
80,00 ₽

Sunlite Hi Profile Truck Complete

Sunlite Hi Profile Truck Complete
50,00 ₽

Sunlite Trucks Complete - 7mm

Sunlite Trucks Complete - 7mm
40,00 ₽

Sure-Grip DA45 Double Action Trucks

The all new DA45 is a double action 45 degree truck with amazing maneuverability.
60,00 ₽

Sure-Grip Invader Trucks

Single action trucks complete.
28,00 ₽

Sure-Grip Junior Pro Truck

Complete trucks.
27,00 ₽

Sure-Grip Probe Trucks

Replacement truck housing only for Sure Grip double action plates.
25,00 ₽

Sure-Grip-DA45 Truck Only

Sure-Grip-DA45 Truck Only
9,00 ₽

Sunlite Plate Complete with Trucks

This plate has a Lifetime Guarantee and can be used for recreation, roller derby, speed, or jam skating.
69,00 ₽

Sure-Grip Invader Plate with DA45 Trucks

Sure Grip Invader plates with the all new double action 45 degree trucks and premium cushions - available in 4 hardnesses. Blue – 72A Yellow – 79A Purple – 85A Red – 93A
119,00 ₽

Vanilla Gorilla Aluminum Trucks - 4 pack

Comes in 6 different colors of your choice!
50,00 ₽