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Classic Trucks

Replacement trucks for the Sure Grip Classic plate.

Labeda Proline Truck with axle

Replacement truck for Labeda Proline plates.

Laser Double Action Truck Comp

Laser double action trucks.

Nova Trucks


Snyder Advantage - Super Deluxe Truck

Snyder Advantage Truck with axle only.

Snyder Imperial Truck

Snyder Imperial Truck with Axle Only.

Snyder Imperial Truck Assembly Complete

Snyder Imperial Truck complete.

Snyder Super Deluxe Truck Assembly Complete

Snyder Super Deluxe Truck complete.

Sunlite Hi Profile Truck Complete

Sunlite Hi Profile Truck Complete

Sunlite Trucks Complete - 7mm

Sunlite Trucks Complete - 7mm

Sure-Grip DA45 Double Action Trucks

The all new DA45 is a double action 45 degree truck with amazing maneuverability.

Sure-Grip Invader Trucks

Single action trucks complete.

Sure-Grip Junior Pro Truck

Complete trucks.

Sure-Grip Probe Trucks

Replacement truck housing only for Sure Grip double action plates.

Sure-Grip-DA45 Truck Only

Sure-Grip-DA45 Truck Only

Sunlite Plate Complete with Trucks

This plate has a Lifetime Guarantee and can be used for recreation, roller derby, speed, or jam skating.

Sure-Grip Invader Plate with DA45 Trucks

Sure Grip Invader plates with the all new double action 45 degree trucks and premium cushions - available in 4 hardnesses. Blue – 72A Yellow – 79A Purple – 85A Red – 93A

Vanilla Gorilla Aluminum Trucks - 4 pack

Comes in 6 different colors of your choice!