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Vanilla Skate Company

Vanilla Skate Company

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Vanilla 360 Boot

The ALL new Vanilla 360 Boot!
199,00 ₽

Vanilla 360 Skates

Vanilla 360 Skates. The latest and greatest! Designed only by Tony Zane.
399,00 ₽ 349,00 ₽

Vanilla Assassin Jr. Speed Inline Skate

Vanilla Assassin Jr. Speed Inline Skate.
209,00 ₽

Vanilla Curve 2.0 XK4 D-Rod

Vanilla Curve Boot with XK-4 Plate, D-Rod Wheels, and China Bones Bearings.
469,00 ₽ 422,00 ₽

VNLA Backpack

This backpack features custom VNLA zippers, reinforced bottom, and multiple compartments. Great for skates or for school!
59,00 ₽ 49,00 ₽

VNLA String Bag

Deluxe string bag with two pockets and reinforced bottom for protecting and carrying your skates.
24,95 ₽ 19,00 ₽

VNLA Travel Bag

This travel bag doubles as a backpack, features a detachable, second backpack on the front, features urethane wheels with ABEC-9 Vanilla bearings, and a retractable handle for easy trolley action!
119,00 ₽ 99,00 ₽

Backspin BEASTMODE Wheels

Now these are BEAST!
69,99 ₽

Backspin Caution Tape Wheels

93A Hardness - 62mm X 42mm - Lifetime Guarantee
69,00 ₽

Backspin Grape Ade Skate Wheels

Backspin Grape Ade Skate Wheels Size 62X42 Grey and Purple 93A
69,00 ₽

Backspin Mayhem Wheels

Full aluminum hub wheel with a LIFETIME warranty. 93A Hardness - 59mm X 38mm
119,00 ₽

Backspin Phenom Derby Wheels

Size does matter! This new line of wheels from Backspin features the best wheel size for both roller derby and jamskating! Super durable and a life time warranty.
149,00 ₽ 119,00 ₽